Hyrule Tavern & INN

Welcome to the Hyrule Tavern & INN! We are so happy you made it to our Tavern.
We are a very friendly venue that loves to RP and makes you all feel very welcome, we have very good food all HQ made by Link or some of his friends. The Inn part is where we rent out our rooms to whoever wishes to stay the night or just a few hours. Every room is themed from Zelda so pick any room that you feel you would enjoy the most.
When you enter our tavern please leave your weapons and minions at the front desk. Also, you don't have to but it would be nice if you had the RP tag above your head.
Primal Ultros Goblet Ward 1 Plot 38

Our Rules
No Trolling the staff or guest
No Harassing the guest or the staff
No Posing as the staff
No Trying to bother the guest in the Inn rooms
No minions or weapons out.
No jumping up on the tables or sitting on other's laps we are kid-friendly and we like to keep it that way.
There are more rules in our discord.

Our Affiliates

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